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Penn Contractors has been performing Residential Home Additions for more than 25 years. Our roots run deep in the home remodeling industry. Bruce Snyder, owner of Penn Contractors, has spent 35 years cultivating his passion for flawless craftsmanship.

Home additions have always been a special niche for us. As Design/Build remodelers we love to dig in on complex, single or multi-room home addition projects. In many ways, home additions are far more challenging than building a home from scratch. With a custom home build, you're building a new structure from the ground up and the homeowners aren't occupying the space.

With a home addition project, you're opening up a sealed structure, removing walls, and addressing how structural loads are distributed. Clients are almost always living in the home during the construction phase. Few small jobs contractors have the expertise and resources to assume that level of risk. Design, budget and execution all have to be carefully managed to ensure a successful project outcome.

Penn Contractors has been so successful in the home addition market precisely because our in-house design team works closely with our in-house carpentry team. Our rigorously detailed work scopes leave nothing to the imagination. We know exactly how the project is going to unfold.

If you're considering a home addition remodel, be sure to discuss your project with the Penn Contractors design/build team. Seamlessly integrating your new home addition with your home's existing architectural character is what we do best.

Give us a call at 610.965.4204 or send us a New Project Request. We'll help you determine if the Penn Contractors Team is a good fit for your project.


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